New Year, New You! Stay on Track to Hit your New Year Fitness Goals!

New Year, New You! Stay on Track to Hit your New Year Fitness Goals!

Stay on Track to Hit your New Year Fitness Goals by Joining One of these 5 Local Fitness Studios!

Alright, it’s basically mid January and it’s time for you to commit to your New Year’s fitness routine!! The first step is choosing an exercise style that suits you! If you’re like us, and you can’t get yourself motivated to hit a regular ole’ gym, then you likely need an exercise class to help you stay on track. What we love about an exercise class is that you really don’t have to think or plan for it – you don’t have to map out your way around the machines, keep track of your reps, remember if today is back and shoulder day or leg and ab day! With classes, all you need to do is show up and do as instructed – how easy is that!

So, here are our 5 favorite exercise classes in the city, that blow the typical gyms out of the water!


City Surf is a surf-inspired group fitness studio where the entire class is performed on and/or using a simulated surf-board! This is a unique, high-intensity class where your balance will be tested and challenged while learning fun cardio and strength training techniques.

PLUS, they offer an unlimited introductory month for only $69. What a great way to groove into the new year!! Book your intro month here: BOOK NOW



Lucky for most of us, you don’t have to be a ballerina to completely feel at home at Barre class! Although barre definitely has some ballet aspects to it, it’s really a mix of pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training. But more than that, at Barre Code blasts high-intensity, fun, motivating music the entire time to keep your spirits (and heart beat) up! Barre Code, specifically, offers an array of class styles! Learn more about their classes at The Barre Code

AND, for the next few days you can hop on their New Years Resolution Special which consists of the following three options: (1) 1 month unlimited classes for $75, (2) 1 year unlimited upfront for $950, or (3) 12-month commitment auto-pay for $100/month! (Don’t miss this great opportunity!!! Book now! Offer ends January 16, 2017!)



The Sweat Social is a company dedicated to providing health and fitness to locals and travelers alike! Through the Sweat Social, you can experience the beauty, history and culture of New Orleans, all while getting in your workout! They provide active tours of New Orleans, fun runs where you are taken to local neighborhoods and historical points of interests, and even fitness scavenger hunts – how unique is that!

Right now, the Sweat Social is offering a 15% discount off any group classes and running tours. (Minimum of two people to book.)

Don’t wait! Book you’re Fun-Fitness Scavenger hunt for you and your besties today! Learn more at The Sweat Social.



Cycle Bar provides way more than your average cycling class! First, you have the ability to reserve any bike you’d like prior to class; Second, you’re provided with complimentary cycling shoes (yes- they are cleaned and sanitized between each class!!!); and Third, when the class is over- you’re offered complimentary snacks (WHAT!) But, the real reason people become addicted to Cycle Bar is the insane energy they create each ride – each ride is fueled with powerful music synced with energy-enhancing video graphs on their state-of-the-art CycleTheatre. It’s a totally different way to do fitness!  

And, to encourage the New Year- New You crowd, Cycle bar is offering a FREE ride to all first time riders! All you need to do is sign up online before class! Sign up for your FREE ride: Cycle Bar


If your new year resolution includes improving your overall mental and spiritual state, then maybe Wild Lotus is the studio for you. The teachers at Wild Lotus believe that yoga is a universal spiritual practice that can bring depth and practical value to your everyday life. Each month the studio has a different theme, goal or message – and these themes are designed to help you make a deeper connection between the yoga practice, your imagination, and day-to-day life.

To help get your started down your physical, mental and spiritual journey, Wild Lotus is offering 30 days of unlimited yoga for only $33!! To start on your new you today, visit: Wild Lotus Yoga Studio

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