Our 5 Favorite (and quite accurate) Mardi Gras Memes!

Our 5 Favorite (and quite accurate) Mardi Gras Memes!

1. New Orleans is all about going overboard, and Mardi Gras is no exception.

In New Orleans, you’ll often hear of people over eating, over drinking, and dressing over enthusiastically! There’s always an excuse to dress up in costume, grab a fancy, over-the-top meal, and over consume (alcohol) at any and every occasion – especially Mardi Gras! So, if you’re coming or participating in Mardi Gras, prepare yourself to OVERDO IT!

Here are some more pictures to further prove our point:


2. More to the previous point, as it is very likely you will overdo Mardi Gras in some capacity, we recommend you rest up and let your body prepare for what it’s about to endure.

It’s comin’ and it’s comin’ in fast! Mardi Gras will be here before you know it! Take this opportunity to keep up with your New Years resolution of getting fit and eating healthy because all hell will break loose over Mardi Gras and at least you’ll feel better that you put in that extra effort in the beginning of the month!

3. This is oh-so-true… Please consider the importance of protective shoe wear!

As you may know, the weather in New Orleans is completely unpredictable! The oh-so-trusted weatherman (or woman) may call for torrential downpour, but then there’s not a single raindrop in sight. Or, you may think well, of course it’s going to be cold, it’s the middle of February – but, New Orleans’ weather deceives you yet again and it’s a strong 80 degrees out! So, regardless of what you may think, or the weather man might say, we recommend you pack and stick to wearing strong, full-coverage shoes! It’s essential you protect those feet if you plan on participating in Mardi Gras in any way whatsoever!  You’re going to want your feet to be in tip-top-shape, because, whether you plan on it or not, you will be doing A LOT of walking, standing, and (likely) dancing, in addition to any other physical activity you get yourself into!

4. Unfortunately, this is also true!

Yes, it is very possible you will see some “boobies” over Mardi Gras. However, if you’re like us, and would like to avoid this, we recommend you stick to Uptown to catch the parades. Uptown tends to be more family-friendly and much less likely to encounter any unwanted boobie sightings. On the other hand, if seeing boobies is a goal of yours, we recommend you skip the parades and head straight to Bourbon Street. There, you will find many tourists participating in what they believe is a “local” and “acceptable” Mardi Gras tradition.

5. You’re never too old to dress up in New Orleans!

Traditionally, Fat Tuesday was reserved for dressing up in costume. It gave people an opportunity to abandon their social constraint by donning a mask and join in on the carnival celebration. However, in recent years, more and more people have begun to dress up in festive and eccentric purple, green and gold ensembles all throughout the Mardi Gras season!! It’s New Orleans, so… everyone just figures – Why Not?!


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