Build Your Own – $400

You know your significant other best and you have a pretty-darn good idea of how you want it to go down, but you’re just not sure how to get from A (idea) to B (execution). Well, that’s where we come in! We will take your idea, plan out all the logistics and iron out all the kinks! Now, you can relax and look forward to your engagement knowing your proposal is in the hands of an expert!

How this Works:

1. Provide us with your proposal idea – location, event, date, time, etc.

2. We will discuss, provide some recommendations, assist in planning the logistics and ironing out all of the details.

3. We will contact and recruit all of our trusted vendors, negotiate the best price using our local contacts and industry deals.

4. You will receive a final outline of how your proposal will unfold. This outline will include a timesheet breakdown and a contact sheet with all the vendor information on it.

5. The day before the proposal, we will re-confirm the details with the vendors on your behalf.

6. On your special day, you will follow the items on the timesheet and then, pop the question!

Recommended Proposal Enhancements


1. Photographer $400 (Highly Recommended) To capture and document this momentous occasion so that you may look back and relive this experience with your significant other, as well as share it with family and friends. Our professional photographer can go incognito and when you start to pop the question, she will begin discreetly capturing the entire proposal!  (These photos would be great to use for your engagement photos – killing two birds with one stone!)


2. Luxury Limousine To and From $400 Transportation to and from your romantic adventure is highly recommended. Nothing makes someone feel more special than first-class transportation. Let this luxurious limousine set the mood for the big day! *The cost of this limousine is reflective of pick up and drop off locations within New Orleans City limits. If your desired pick up or drop off location is outside of city limits, the limousine can still be arranged for an additional fee.


3. Luxury Limousine to cap off your Experience $150 Nothing sets the mood like leaving one magical experience only to be met with another! This luxurious limousine will be yours for one hour to roam the city as you like and then return you to your location of choice (within city limits).

Important Information:


  1. Please note, this package covers the proposal concept, logistical planning (down to the minute with a comprehensive schedule and to-do list included) vender recruitment, and assistance with paying out vendors. However, you are in charge of the execution and the costs of the supplies (rentals, permits, food, beverage, etc). If you believe you’ll need assistance on the day-of, these services can be arranged for an additional cost.
  2. One week notice is optimal, however we do our best to accommodate last minute requests!
  3. All deals are final. No Refunds.
  4. If the date must be changed after vendors are reserved and the schedule is set, it will be your responsibility to contact and reschedule the vendors.