Romantic Rooftop Proposal $700

Romance your significant other by proposing on a private, romantic rooftop overlooking the entire city! What better way to set the mood than the sparkle of the city’s skyline! Let us help you dazzle your significant other with this exclusive view! Enjoy in this exciting, romantic experience and, when the mood strikes, propose! Celebrate your bright future together with a champagne toast!


This Romantic Rooftop Proposal includes: exclusive access to a centrally located rooftop overlooking the entire city; champagne, champagne bucket and champagne glasses; seasonal floral bouquet, and the perfect props to set the mood/scene.

How It Works:

1.Contact us and provide us with the date and time you wish to propose. (If there are any concerns we can come up with a clever way to get him or her up there without knowing what’s in store!)

2. We will make all the necessary preparations while you sit back, relax and look forward to the big day without stressing over the details.

3. You will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details.  

4. The day before the proposal, we will contact the vendors, if any, to confirm the details.

5. On the big day, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the confirmation email, enjoy your evening (and the view) and, in that perfect moment, propose!

Optional Recommendations to Enhance your Proposal:

  1. Photographer $250 (Highly Recommended)

To capture and document this momentous occasion so that y’all can look back and relive this experience with your significant other, as well as share it with family and friends.

Our professional photographer will discreetly capture this experience from a distance and then, after y’all have shared your special moment together, the photographer will invite you to a portrait session with the uninterrupted views of the New Orleans’ skyline as your background! (These photos would be great to use for your engagement photos – killing two birds with one stone!)

  1. Musician $150

To ensure your experience is as magical and romantic as your loved one has imagined, hire a professional musician to provide the soundtrack to your proposal.

Prior to the proposal, the musician will be discreetly waiting at a nearby location. Then, when he sees the special moment happening… que soundtrack.

  1. Luxury Limousine $150

Transportation from your romantic evening is highly recommended. Nothing sets the mood like leaving one magical experience only to be met with another unexpected surprise! The Limousine will be yours for one hour to roam the city as you like and then return you to your location of choice.

Important Information:

  1. You will have exclusive use of the rooftop for 1 hour.
  2. Recommendations are additional costs and not included in the price of this proposal.
  3. This proposal is subject to weather conditions. In the event of a weather-related reschedule, all efforts to accommodate your preferred date and time will be made.
  4. This package is non-refundable.
  5. Limited availabilities on major holidays.