Full Brass Band Second Line & Mardi Gras Indian

What consists of a Full Brass Band?

A FULL Brass Band consists of 8 powerful musicians, including: a base drummer, a snare drummer, a musician playing a tuba, two musicians playing trumpets, two musicians playing trombones, and – of course- a musician playing the saxophone!!!

What is a Second Line?

This is a truly remarkable and unique New Orleans Tradition. Just like everything else in New Orleans, it is a parade – specifically, a walking parade. These parades are celebratory in nature- whether it be a wedding, the celebration of a life, or anything else in the world you feel calls for a celebration—New Orleans does not judge. The first half of the parade is known as the “main line” or “first line”—this is usually where the bride and groom are, or, in the case of a funeral, the casket and immediate family members. The second half of the parade is known as the “Second Line”. This half is lead by a brass band and followed by all the other participants, whether you’re friends of the family or just passer-byers in the street, you can join in on the Second Line. Often you will see people shaking a handkerchief in the hair and dancing around, this is called “Second Lining.”

What is the significance of the Mardi Gras Indians?

Mardi Gras Indians have been parading in New Orleans since the mid-19th century, if not earlier, and their history is shrouded in mystery and folklore. In the 1740’s African slaves gathered in Congo Square on Sundays to sing folk songs, play traditional music, and dance. The idea of letting loose and embracing traditional African music and dance is a backbone of the Mardi Gras Indians practice.

Departure Location and Time: Customizable.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: $1,550

Please Note: For Second Lines to take place in the streets of New Orleans, both a city permit and the accompaniment of a police escort is required. These costs are included in the price, as well as the cost of the full brass band and the Mardi Gras Indian.

If you would like to take your Second Line Experience to the next level, we can arrange to have a Grand Marshall lead your Second Line! There will be an additional cost of $200 to include the Grand Marshall in your experience!