Burlesque: Chair Work

Don’t know where to start when it comes to chair workouts? Think you’ll just look clumsy, stumbling on a chair without instruction? This class is just for you! This Chair and Lap Dancing class will give you a great full body workout using chairs and fun exotic choreography. A chair is more than just for sitting… it’s an object that can be used to create an exciting element of striptease! This studio is a warm and supportive environment that is great for anyone looking to get started. So pull up a chair and great ready to have some fun!

Duration: 75 minute class.

Price: $225 minimum for 6 or fewer;
$35 per person for 7 or more.
$100 deposit required which goes towards the total.

*Please wear heels that you can dance in and form fitting clothing.
*Chairs will be provided. With 12 or more attending, they will be broken up into smaller groups while learning choreography.