Pasty Making & Twirling Lessons

In this class, learn how to make your very own twirling pasties! All materials will be provided but you are welcome to bring along any craft items that would personalize your pasties and make them unique to your style! Once all the attendees have constructed their pasties, you will learn how to twirl them like a pro!


Duration: 2 hours

Price: $300 minimum for 6 or fewer.โ€จ$45 per person for 7 or more.โ€จ$100 deposit required which goes towards the total.

*All materials provided.*Attendees are encouraged to adhere pasties directly to their skin for the twirling lesson. Therefor, there will be a subtle amount of nudity that will be encouraged, but not required. Attendees can stick them to the outside of their shirts, they just donโ€™t stick as well.