Duck Hunting 

Do you enjoy a good hunting trip? Then look no further because Southern Louisiana has it all! We will take you wherever the ducks are, whether that be out on the open water or in enclosed ponds! South Louisiana is lucky to have an abundant variety of birds frequent its shores including, but not limited to, diving ducks, pintails, teals, gadwalls, widgeons, shovelers, and occasionally mallards!

Duration: 4 – 5 hours, unless you hit your maximum legal limit sooner!

Location: Buras, Louisiana

Prices: Hunting Trips are $300 per person per day! Groups of any number can be accommodated! Just let us know how many and we can make it happen! Generally 2-4 people hunt per blind.

These prices include bottled water, shell buckets for seats, and cleaning of birds. Hunters are expected to bring their own guns, steel shotgun shells, shell bags, and their license.

Please note: Louisiana’s Hunting Season runs from mid-November through December. Exact dates are set by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department and are subject to change each year.

Lodging: We, the Locals, advise that you consider staying the night at a near by lodge so you can be up bright an early before the ducks! Notably, this trip typically starts at 5:30 a.m.

Pricing for Lodging: $70 per person per night up to 7 people. 8 – 10 people your lodging is discounted to a total of $500 per night (for the entire group) and only $600 for 11-12 people.