Oak Alley Plantation Tour

The Oak Alley Plantation Tour is one of the most magnificent plantation tours due to its 28 evenly spaced, enormous Oak Trees that go from the river road to the Plantation House. The Greek Revival home, dates back to 1837. Located on the grounds, is a restaurant, blacksmith shop, Souvenir Shop and antique farm equipment. The tour of the Oak Alley’s house is conducted by guides in authentic plantation style apparel- How Neat!

Duration: 5.5 hours, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (The Tour of the Plantation’s house and grounds last about 40 minutes.)

Price: $65 per adult, $40 per child (4 to 12 years old).

Please note: The price includes transportation to and from various hotels located in the French Quarter. To ensure you are located at a pick up location, contact Katie at Ask the Locals.

*Many of the plantations’ second floors, the location of the main living quarters, are accessible by stairs only and you will be expected to walk the grounds with your guide to get the full experience of this tour. The distance from the Plantation house to the restaurant & Souvenir Shop is about 1 block. There are benches along the path, shaded by the Oaks.