Private Catered Crawfish Boil

Crawfish boils are a Louisiana tradition – mostly because crawfish are insanely delicious, but also because the boil they are cooked in is mind blowing and you can basically throw any veggie in there — it will change the way you want to eat your greens! The traditional “fixins” in a crawfish boil include: onions, whole garlic cloves, potatoes, and corn. However, these days, it’s common to find carrots, mushrooms, sausage, brussel sprouts, artichoke, pineapple and even orange slices!!… If you think it up, we can put it in there! Also, there is nothing more “local” than knowing how to peel crawfish, and do so in record time! Want to host your own boil?? (Of course you do!) – Don’t wait! Book Now!


Duration: 2-3 hours

Location and Time: Customizable.

Price: $25 per person (prices may vary), minimum of 10 people.

Please note: Crawfish is seasonal. Most years you can get crawfish as early as January and as late as May. Prices only include cost of crawfish – if you wish to add veggies to the mix, just let us know and we can make it happen! Contact Katie at Ask the Locals for more information!